Wpf dependency property not updating

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When you define resources in markup, you assign the unique key through the x: Key Directive.

Typically, the key is a string; however, you can also set it to other object types by using the appropriate markup extensions.

This happens during loading, which is the point in time when the loading process needs to assign the property value that takes the static resource reference.

The Dynamic Resource Markup Extension instead processes a key by creating an expression, and that expression remains unevaluated until the application is actually run, at which time the expression is evaluated and provides a value.

For this reason, if you use static resource references, you must design your resource dictionary structure such that resources intended for by-resource use are defined at or near the beginning of each respective resource dictionary.

Static resource lookup can extend into themes, or into system resources, but this is supported only because the XAML loader defers the request.

Metro/blob/master/docs/v1.0We’re nearly ready to release version 1.0 of Mah Apps. There are no known breaking changes in this release, but we had to deprecate some things, particularly around the titlebar overlay behavior.

Metro follows Semantic Versioning, at least API wise.

Please note that minor visual changes can still occur if there’s a need for them.

The property that sets the window brush for an inactive window. We’ve rewritten the has been completely rewritten, to fix a number of issues that have accumulated over time.

See PR #1320 The overlay behavior of the elements of the window titlebar can now be controlled individually. For a complete list of fixes, see PR #1156 Flyouts now have an option to be automatically closed when the user clicks outside of the flyout. Metro documentation site lives at instead of Apps. The old links should still work and redirect to the top level domain.

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