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I finished watching the episode after not watching it for nearly a year feeling unsettled and reminded of why I rarely set foot in the Rectory anymore.This Indiana exorcism story has been the hot topic all week. The people involved claim they didn’t know it would blow up like this. Over-enthusiastic believe in archaic superstitions, the Hollywood-like storyline, the lack of any evidence except eyewitness accounts (by people who seem overly credulous) and the fact that nothing was amiss before or after the Ammons’ account. We almost have the 1st level completely restored with the exception of the floors. Scott, September 29th, 2013 Every once in awhile, someone leaves a post about seeing about GHOST ADVENTURES episode from Season 7 October 2012 re-air on the Travel Channel. Zak called me that evening on my cell phone to discuss my concerns. I remember in the basement as he spoke, the light fixture hanging in the room behind him started swinging back and forth, back and forth almost in time with his words. His words were affecting something inside the building. I had forgotten just how intense that moment was, how scared I was. Then, the next night – my Dad part of their investigation to see if the exorcism helped. I always think to myself, “That's nice.” But, I don't rush to the TV to catch it for myself. I'm reminded of the raw emotion and fear I felt at the time discussing the hold that place had on us both. After we spoke on the phone for awhile, I agreed to move forward with having another priest come in to attempt an exorcism on the building. The energy in the Rectory that evening was so powerful. So, I'm sitting at home right now, after a couple of hours ago watching this episode. I had forgotten how INTENSE this episode really was. Then, the full spectrum shots taken in the creepy room where Zak and Billy felt the icy breeze on such a hot summer night. As a matter of fact, other than when it actually aired? The energy draining from our bodies, the oppression... Again, pales in comparison to what actually happened there. If you didn’t laugh out loud at his allegations re: the “Biblical” stuff, the “credible” witnesses, him being a full-time paranormal investigator and all you SURELY LOLed at his concern that “people could DIE!!!” (Why didn’t the subsequent or previous residents have issues if this is a site problem?

Are you so confident in your beliefs that you will attempt to convince more critical thinkers of the reality of these claims?

It doesn’t seem to be helping to get to the bottom of the story.

I’d also bet that this gets us no further credible evidence for demons but does tell us a lot about modern pop culture and personal notoriety.

I have only watched our episode twice and that was over a year ago. Remember it's hours and hours condensed into a 43 minute episode, but I think they did an amazing job of telling the story and sharing what we all experienced.

So, last night when a friend posted that our episode was on... I can assure you that as intense as this episode appears to be? All I kept thinking as I watched the episode was how terrifying it was. Remembering how concerned I was that he wasn't driving me home in the frame of mind he was in, worried about bringing the nastiness back to my own home.

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Bagans has not said what he will do with it, saying he likely will investigate it because he’s a researcher and all.

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