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Mastering the ins and outs of Episode’s writer’s portal takes under an hour or so on average.Creating a great and engaging story varies drastically depending on the author’s process.The stories in Episode offer themes found in other Pocket Gems games, like living life on a university campus, finding true love, becoming a top actress and more.While users can read as many stories as they like at once, stories are split into chapters, with one chapter of one story being available at a time.Episode also gives writers a new medium to distribute their content and the tools to eventually build a following and fanbase.

Building on that legacy, we saw a huge opportunity to tell stories in a mobile-first way and that’s how the idea for Episode was born.We had a chance to chat with co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Pocket Gems, Daniel Terry, about the launch of the Writer’s Portal in Episode, and what users can expect from the platform going forward.Inside Mobile Apps: What inspired Pocket Gems to branch out from gaming for the release of Episode?People will be able to create stories and share them on social media.Down the road, we will implement a process that lets people distribute their stories to millions of Episode audience members.

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Will users be able to submit content and instantly see it added to the app, or will it go through some sort of approval process?