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Bipolar disorder dating man

One important point to note is that what research has shown is that marital outcomes for people with bipolar disorder are no worse than for the clinically depressed. I lost my own marriage due to untreated mania – infidelity arising from bipolar hypersexuality.

So what is it that makes it so hard to sustain marriage with a bipolar spouse? If adultery is the main cause of divorce, then bipolar disorder with its elevated rates of infidelity, is very likely to lead many couples to divorce: Bipolar hypersexuality and divorce A bipolar marriage may often seem very chaotic.

There is nothing inevitable about bipolar and divorce!

It can be very difficult to find useful, practical and target resources that deal specifically with managing relationships with people with bipolar disorder.

Again, as explained by Drs Goodwin and Jamison in their authoritative text: “Although it is likely that symptoms of untreated mania are disruptive to forming or sustaining intimate relationships, this hypothesis is not supported empirically.” Divorcing a Bipolar Spouse It seems incontestable that there is causal relationship between bipolar and divorce, and that bipolar creates serious challenges within a marriage.

However, it is also important to remember that many marriages do work and that the 90% figure is unsupported and overstated.

The ideal is for a happy and healthy marriage with your spouse who is bipolar – not divorce.

(Coryell et al 1993 and Drieling 2010) However, in both of these studies the rates were high relative to the control group, but low compared to divorce statistics in general.

In the Coryell study, 45% of bipolar patients ended up divorced compared to 18% in the control group.

Evidence shows that spousal knowledge and understanding strongly contributes to a more successful, positive, happy relationship.

Bipolar Marriage – NOT Divorce Like many people after diagnosis and treatment, I have had the wonderful blessing of a second chance.

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Can a person with bipolar disorder still be a wonderful spouse? Research statistics do show that bipolar disorder is slightly more common amongst the single and divorced. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THIS STATISTIC ON BIPOLAR AND DIVORCE.

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